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Norwegian Worldwide Artists (NWA):


Norwegian Worldwide Artists (NWA) is a professional visual artists organization established during the year of Cultural Diversity in 2008 under a nationwide program focusing on cultural diversity by Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs. The group´s first exhibition “International Crossings” took place in the premises of the The Royal Ministry of Cultural Dept at Gallery R5 and was initiated by Eva Jinsue (China), Mamta Herland (India) Wendelmoed Van der Veen (Nederland) and Grete Marsein (Norway/Slovakia)


NWA´s foremost objective is to create a relationship between artists with different cultural expressions based on their background, origin and experiences and with its integrating element in Norwegian culture.

Project group/Contact:

Mamta B. Herland 

Grete Marstein  

Wendelmoed van der Veen 



NWA member artists:

Margarida Paiva (Portugal)

Jingxin Geng (China)

Kari Glomsaas (Norway/Africa)

Irene Christensen (Norway/USA)

Setsuko Kurioka (Japan)

Eva Jinsue (China)

Timur Bjerknes (Indonesia)

Mamta B. Herland (India)

Grete Marstein (Norway/Slovakia)

Wendelmoed van der Veen (Nederland)

Other Artists & participants:

Kjartan Slettemark✞ (Norway/Sweden)

Dora Bendixen (Norway/Italy)

Juan Andres Milanes Benito (Cuba)

Gitte Dæhlin✞ (Norway/Mexico)

Nomzi Kumalo (Africa)

Jet Pascua (Philipines)

Alejandro Perez (Colombia)

Jean-Louis Tarrou (France)





2018:  Oslo Open, Gallery Schæffersgate 5, Oslo

2018:  Migrating Identities III, Galleri Melahuset, Oslo

2017:  Polutting Purity/ Forsøpelende renhet, Stasjosgalleriet, Sørum Kunstforening, Norway
2017:  Migrating Identities II, Galleri 69, Oslo
2016:  Migrating identities I, Kunsthall, Lørenskog Kunstforening, Norway
2011:  Bilateral Art exhibition in collaboration with College of Arts Southwest, University f
or Nationalities in Chengdu, China
2008:  International Crossings, Gallery Skårer, Lørenskog Kunstforening, Norway
2008:  International Crossings, Gallery R5, The Royal Ministry of Cultural Dept. Oslo


NWA Organisation number: 919 568 666

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